Did You Know?

  • The top five items women look for in their homes are a favorite pair of shoes, child's toy, wallet, lipstick and the remote control.

  • The top five items men look for in their homes are clean socks, remote control, wedding album, car keys and their driver's license.

Do you have a junk drawer full of manuals and operating instructions?
Start Living Simple offers this easy solution! Using a 3-hole punch, punch holes in each manual or set of instructions. Then, alphabetize and place in a 3-ring binder. Now, you can keep the binder neatly in a drawer or on a nearby shelf!

How much time do you spend searching for batteries?
Start Living Simple offers this easy solution! Organize your batteries (or other small, similar objects) by size and place in a small, divided container like a plastic tool-box or rubber container. Then you can easily store the container and carry it from room to room when you need it.

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