Step 1: Custom analysis
We work with you to evaluate your specific needs and challenges, how you envision your new solution and your current "living" style.

Next we assess your space and design a customized organizational solution developed to work especially for you. The goal is not to clean - the goal is to create a long-term organizational strategy that can grow with your changing needs. The key is to have access to what you want...when you want it!

Step 2: Clearing the space
All items are removed from the space...we now have a blank canvas from which to create an organized masterpiece! We will work with you to eliminate the clutter, donate unnecessary items and reduce your inventory to the things that you use and love. Don't's not about throwing things's about finding the right place for them.

Step 3: Installation
Whether the project is as large in scale as custom closet cabinetry, or as simple as a new filing system, your custom solution is artfully assembled and put in place. We create a custom solution for each and every space - the goal is space optimization!

Step 4: Follow-up
After you have settled into your Start Living Simple solution, we will check in with you to see how you're doing. We are serious about providing long-term solutions that last - let us know if you need adjustments!

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